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Facebook leaving the technology sector

If you trade stocks you'll soon see Facebook leaving the technology sector. You can learn more about the major swing and what change will occur in this MarketWatch article. 

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Tech Innovations and the World's rising Productivity

The last 150 years have came with major technology innovations affecting the way we work and productivity levels. The attached article chronicles the Equity Gilt Study by Barnclays listing the last 150 years technology innovations and their affect on the way we work. It's mind boggling to go from the past innovations up to present cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. You can browse the list and article here at this Business Insider read. 

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Are you among the unlucky 87 Million of Facebook? What to do...

As the truth of Facebook's activity continues to surface users are being notified if they are among the 87 million affected. What do you do then? 

You can follow some advice in this HuffPost article found by clicking here. 

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Why did it take Facebook 3 years to notify?

Facebook is now implementing some big platform changes as they notify users of the privacy scandal. The problems were first uncovered in 2015, so what took so long? 

You can read more about the scandal and the new implementation in this VERGE article. 

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Why Facebook Messenger is the Worst Choice

There are lots of reasons to stop using Facebook Messenger, from scanning messages, to read receipts and many more invasive measures. Check out this article for some of the Messenger activity and why you should stop using it. 

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