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Kramer Consulting has been serving the Crestwood area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Security patches slowing down PCs

Microsoft has been busy getting security patches out with the chip flaw nightmare, however, a new issue may be the slow down incurred. You can read more from Retuers article here. Call us if you are having a severe slow down that gets in the way of productivity. 

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High Sierra warnings continue

In recent months we are hearing lots of problems announced regarding macOS High Sierra. This time it's another password issue that is pretty critical. You can read more from Gizmodo and by following some of our password security recommended guidelines. 

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Update your software today. Seriously.

We've shared on here a few warnings about a computer chip flaw impacting billions. Seriously update your software today. Contact us if you have any questions. You can reach our help desk at 502-241-2600.

You can see this CNN news brief for more details. 

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Need help because you're glued to your phone?

Jalopnik shared an interesting discovery of Mazda's latest patent filing. The article lays out a technology capable to support your driving while in the car, but glued to your phone. Read more here

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The Meltdown Flaw

Researchers have discovered a massive flaw that may affect the majority of personal computers made in the last 20 years. Wild isn't it? Microsoft and many others are currently rolling out updates to address the flaw that affects processor expoits which can steal passwords and other critical data. Stay tuned as further alerts come out and you can read more of the discovery in this Vox article. 

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