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Monica has practiced servant leadership in various customer service roles for the last 16 years. Her background in lifestyle blogging and building online communities directly reflects the KCI mission of serving clients as their trusted advisor. Outside of work Monica enjoys reading, traveling, kayaking and family time with her husband and two daughters.

Facebook's Largest Breach of Accounts

Numbers look to be around 50 Million users affected by the latest Facebook breach. Facebook has been losing credibility left and right making this hack and even harder blow. You can read about how the attack happened, the after-effect investigation and what's next from USA Today's news read

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Internet of Things and it's first Cybersecurity law

It's happening, the internet of things has a cybersecurity law beginning in California. The security law will require a setting of password that comes from the start or prompts users to create one. You can read more in depth in this article from The Verge. 

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Windows 10, The changes coming in October 2018

Windows 10 has an update rolling out in October 2018. At first glance it appears that a few features are being lost or removed. However, if you look closer many features are simply being upgraded, renamed, or grouped with another feature.

You can read more about what to anticipate that you might be currently using with Windows 10 in this TechRadar news

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Are you loving all the iOS 12 changes this week?

Did Monday feel ultra-special to you with the iOS 12 update? My daughter behaved as though it was her birthday the next day when she exclaimed on Sunday evening, "Tomorrow is the day, woohoo! The new iOS 12 updates!" Funny? Odd? Or were you just as excited?

No matter your feelings about it there are some pretty neat features that dropped. Apple has added things such as Screen Time to help users limit how much time they spend on certain apps, to features such as adding clearing notifications quickly, and Do Not Disturb on a smarter level.

Gizmodo did a great article listing all the featured updates, details and how to access them. You can read more in their article linked here. 

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Have you noticed the new Google Chrome de-sync?

Chrome's latest update includes a de-sync which automatically signs you out of Gmail and every other Google service. Frustrated by this? I found it frustrating because previously it was automatically synced and I didn't have to sign in/out quite as often. A fix/hack has been found and you can find the steps to put into place in today's link to Lifehacker's article with the solution. 

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How To: Stream Apple's Event Today


Today is the big day, Apple hosts their annual September event which will include big iphone news. You can stream the event thanks to these clever tips from Lifehacker. The event starts live today at 1pm so set an alarm reminder for right after lunch. 

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Windows '95 is Back?!?!

Heard some of the buzz around Windows '95 back at it again? '95 is back as an app and a few other big things happened for small business in tech last week. Check out this Forbes article for more details and latest new events affecting small businesses. 

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Looking for a Twitter alternative?

Are you looking for a Twitter replacement? Seems to be that many are talking about getting off the social media platform or seeking an alternative that offers quick scrolls and short blurbs. There are several similar options that may not be as well-known, but offer some Twitter-like features; from Mastodon, to Tumblr, to Amino; click here to read about the pro-cons of each platform as you consider the best option for you. 

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How-To: Livestream the U.S. Open

The two week tournament kicks off today in New York, can't make it there to watch? Lifehacker offers some steps on how-to watch from wherever you are through livestream. Here is the article for all the details. 

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Enough with Cookie Alerts already

I'm sure you are seeing the Cookie alerts everywhere. Now websites have to be forthcoming in cookies and your privacy. Good to know, but man can it be so annoying. Follow a few easy steps to get rid of them with Kill Sticky Headers from this good read. 

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Looking to Grow your Business?

small business

Are you a business owner looking for the next leap in your company's growth? I just finished up a great read, by Louisville local Bennie Pollard, Small Business for the Rest of Us. Pollard shares from his own journey through adversity, triumph, goal setting, visualization and giving back to others. This book has some great 'nuts and bolts' that can be applied to any industry and calls to action for the business owner ready to make a change.

One of my favorite nuggets from the book is the admonition to think about your thinking. How many beliefs do we carry that are negative without considering their root and if there's any truth to them at all?  I took away some great notes to ask myself the next time fear, doubts or insecurities hem me in from daring to step out into what I know that I'm made for. 

Hop on over to the website for your own copy of the book and your future self will be cheering you on! 

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How To: Switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps

Each mapping app has different features, cult followers and defining strengths. This article gives you a great step-by-step of switching from one app to the other when the situation calls for it. Technology that works for you right when you need it! 

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Old Video Games? Donate them to your local Library

Are you or your kiddos all about some decompression through video games? Do  you find yourself collecting old ones in the entertainment center that you never play anymore?

What a great idea from Lifehacker to donate them to your local library. Here in Louisville we have a new Regional Library being built to serve our community in Spring of 2019, check out the Louisville Free Public Library to learn more about their donation process. 

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Happiness is Working with Great People

small happiness

Over the weekend we had our team together to reflect on some amazing company growth, chow down on some food together, watch the kids in the bounce house, and throw a few frisbees around. We are extremely blessed with the talented group of individuals that make for our incredible team at KCI. 

kiddos playing

We are also thrilled to recognize all the hard work and dedication of, Mary Anne Fitzgerald, our employee of the quarter! Way to go Mary Anne and thank you for all the long hours and the commitment to serve our clients. 

Mary Anne 2

Happiness is working with great people! 

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Technology can improve work-life factor

Has technology allowed you and your staff to work less or more from home? We are finding more and more companies seeing technology improve work-life factor and attracting top talent. CNBC shares several small business examples in this article, read by clicking here. 

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How do Google employees resist phishing hacks?

At KCI it is our pursuit to help our client build security awareness in every staff member. Phishing attacks target all users, therefore, all teams should have security awareness training and constant education on tactics of hackers.

Google is a very high target and yet constantly stays hack-proof. How? Actual legit 'security keys' are part of their success along with many other security measures. You can read more of their success story here.

How does your security plan for your business stack up? Contact us today if we can help you take your team to a deeper level of understanding their role in securing your company. 

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Hooray! Updates on Your Schedule

Don't you just hate when you are in the middle of some deep work and your computer decides you should run an update? Last year the snooze option was a great feature, but things are getting better as we go.

Microsoft is introducing a "predictive model." Basically the machine learns more of your routine, when you step away for a quick call, and when you are stepping away for a few hour Netflix binge. The computer will get smarter on your terms of schedule and best to run updates, restart, etc.

You can read up on the details in this Gizmodo article. Hooray for technology on our scheduled terms! 

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Keeping Your Electronics out of the Heat

The other day I saw fellow gym-mates with their phones in the sauna....Hmm...that doesn't seem like a good idea.

It's not good for them. Just as us humans can get overheated with too much heat and no option to cool down, so do our phones, laptops, etc.

Gizmodo shared this article about what heat does to your gadgets and best practices to protecting them this Summer. 

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How to: Reduce your digital Security Risks

You may feel safe and not-as-appealing to hackers if you have a small business, however, research over time and data from this Tech Republic article show that 50% of hacks are targeting small business owners.

Read over some of the reasons why and preventative measures you can take here

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10 things that Make a Great Boss

We are constantly listening to feedback from great research on what makes for a great boss. Google spent 10 years of study and then shared 10 things that make a great boss. 



Good Coach. 

And many more made the list. Check it out here to assess your culture and your own personal leadership style. 

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