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Kramer Consulting has been serving the Crestwood area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Facebook's Largest Breach of Accounts

Numbers look to be around 50 Million users affected by the latest Facebook breach. Facebook has been losing credibility left and right making this hack and even harder blow. You can read about how the attack happened, the after-effect investigation and what's next from USA Today's news read

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How To: Stream Apple's Event Today


Today is the big day, Apple hosts their annual September event which will include big iphone news. You can stream the event thanks to these clever tips from Lifehacker. The event starts live today at 1pm so set an alarm reminder for right after lunch. 

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Looking to Grow your Business?

small business

Are you a business owner looking for the next leap in your company's growth? I just finished up a great read, by Louisville local Bennie Pollard, Small Business for the Rest of Us. Pollard shares from his own journey through adversity, triumph, goal setting, visualization and giving back to others. This book has some great 'nuts and bolts' that can be applied to any industry and calls to action for the business owner ready to make a change.

One of my favorite nuggets from the book is the admonition to think about your thinking. How many beliefs do we carry that are negative without considering their root and if there's any truth to them at all?  I took away some great notes to ask myself the next time fear, doubts or insecurities hem me in from daring to step out into what I know that I'm made for. 

Hop on over to the website for your own copy of the book and your future self will be cheering you on! 

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Technology can improve work-life factor

Has technology allowed you and your staff to work less or more from home? We are finding more and more companies seeing technology improve work-life factor and attracting top talent. CNBC shares several small business examples in this article, read by clicking here. 

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How do Google employees resist phishing hacks?

At KCI it is our pursuit to help our client build security awareness in every staff member. Phishing attacks target all users, therefore, all teams should have security awareness training and constant education on tactics of hackers.

Google is a very high target and yet constantly stays hack-proof. How? Actual legit 'security keys' are part of their success along with many other security measures. You can read more of their success story here.

How does your security plan for your business stack up? Contact us today if we can help you take your team to a deeper level of understanding their role in securing your company. 

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Hooray! Updates on Your Schedule

Don't you just hate when you are in the middle of some deep work and your computer decides you should run an update? Last year the snooze option was a great feature, but things are getting better as we go.

Microsoft is introducing a "predictive model." Basically the machine learns more of your routine, when you step away for a quick call, and when you are stepping away for a few hour Netflix binge. The computer will get smarter on your terms of schedule and best to run updates, restart, etc.

You can read up on the details in this Gizmodo article. Hooray for technology on our scheduled terms! 

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How to: Reduce your digital Security Risks

You may feel safe and not-as-appealing to hackers if you have a small business, however, research over time and data from this Tech Republic article show that 50% of hacks are targeting small business owners.

Read over some of the reasons why and preventative measures you can take here

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10 things that Make a Great Boss

We are constantly listening to feedback from great research on what makes for a great boss. Google spent 10 years of study and then shared 10 things that make a great boss. 



Good Coach. 

And many more made the list. Check it out here to assess your culture and your own personal leadership style. 

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Android, Providing more Choice or Less?

Did you hear about the ginormous fine slapped on Google?

From the Commissioner for Competition in the EU, Google was fined some $5 billion. The ruling came from the claim that Google "cemented dominance of its search engine on Android devices." Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, argued the competitive market remains valid as Android does compete with iOS phones. Pichai claims that Android creates more choice not less. 

What do you think? You can check out the article and back-and-forth from Gizmodo. 

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Amazon is Stepping into Further Ventures

Amazon is everywhere today with Prime day sweeping over the nation to bring shoppers out in droves.

Amazon is also growing their presence with growth in the healthcare world as well as networking hardware. 

You can learn more about the acquisitions and growth plans in this Motley Fool article. 

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What will 5G do and When is it coming?

5G is being worked on behind the scenes with mobile carriers and other businesses working on building the backend. 

What will it do anyhow?

CNN Money has a short video less than 2 minutes you can watch here defining 5G in easy terms.The video highlights some of 5G's potential to speed things up dramatically, allow for self-driving cars to communicate with each other instantly or doctors to do surgeries remotely with special gloves. All that sound pretty good right? The downside will be the cost of estimated $300Billion, getting access to all the cell towers and it's later down the road for talk in 2020. 

Here's a link to the video and pondering what the future has next for us in technology. 

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Could Bitcoin "bring the Internet to a halt"?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are gainly popularity due to their being decentralized, yet records are kept on a digital ledger. Theories are floating around about the potential for bitcoin to 'bring the internet to a halt.' The hype is due to the fact that all records or transactions dealing with bitcoin are kept on a ledger and if that were to include ALL records then what server could possibly hold all that data.

If you find yourself interested click on this CNN article for more theories and some of the studies being tested. 

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A new Data Breach exposes 230 Million

Exactis was recently found out with their database sitting on a public server that was exposed. The data found didn't include socials and such, however, the company collects data such as phone numbers, home address, and more. 

You can read more about the breach in this article from Fortune by clicking here

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Want to become an Expert at Life Organization?

Mondays make you feel crazy? Feel as though you could use a little help when it comes to organizing your agenda, to-do lists, and the never ending get-a-round-to-its?

Trello is a pretty awesome organization tool that can be formatted to work for you in a ton of various ways. Curious to learn more? You can find a few "power users" testimony and examples in this Lifehacker read. 

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What is net neutrality? How might it affect your business?

Is the internet as we know it changing?

"Net neutrality means companies that comprise  the backbone of the Internet — Internet Service Providers, or ISPS — must treat all data the same. They can’t make deals with big companies to create a “fast lane,” where their data gets sent faster than other companies'. They can’t throttle a competitor’s data. Imagine if the electric company could choose to provide better electrical service to companies that paid them a hefty fee and spotty electricity to those that don’t. It would stifle competition from smaller companies and innovative entrepreneurs. That’s what the repeal of net neutrality is going to allow," quoted from this USA Today article.

When internet service providers can make choices based on size of comany, who can pay the biggest fees, and more; we start to lose neutrality and small businesses fall to the bottom ring.

You can read more about net neutrality and the decisions being made around it with this recap from Rhonda Abrams with USA Today. 


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Real-time cell phone locations leaked

Location Smart is meant to be a device to enable users to track their own phones following an authorization process. Unfortunately the demo had a bug that allowed easy hacking to track the cell phones of almost any U.S. user in real-time. You can learn about what happened from this Ars Technica article. 

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No longer signing for Credit Card purchases

Was there any security in that credit card purchase signed receipt? Apparently not.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AmEx have all announced that as of April 2018 you no longer have to sign for credit card purchases. Chip cards are meant to improve the security of credit purchases making signatures obsolete.

Having trouble wrapping your mind around this? Check out more in this article from The Motley Fool. 

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Does Apple care more about your privacy?


Image: VisualHunt 

Many customers are starting to reach out and learn just how much their tech partners know about them. Lifehacker provided a great article about how to contact Apple to see what data is tracked for you. If you are curious about the how-to simply click on the attached article and learn more. 

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Net Neutrality is dead....What does that even mean?

Have you seen the term Net Neutrality flying around? The end of the open internet as we know it, huh?

Mashable did a great job explaining net neturality in a highway type analogy and sharing where things might go from here. You can learn more in the read from them by clicking here. 

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Blue Screen of Death issues

Microsoft issued a new build instead of fixing the bug with the latest Windows Update. It's referred to as the Blue Screen of Death and the blocking bug could cause delay now until May. You can learn more from The Verge article linked here

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