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Kramer Consulting has been serving the Crestwood area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Have you noticed the new Google Chrome de-sync?

Chrome's latest update includes a de-sync which automatically signs you out of Gmail and every other Google service. Frustrated by this? I found it frustrating because previously it was automatically synced and I didn't have to sign in/out quite as often. A fix/hack has been found and you can find the steps to put into place in today's link to Lifehacker's article with the solution. 

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How To: Stream Apple's Event Today


Today is the big day, Apple hosts their annual September event which will include big iphone news. You can stream the event thanks to these clever tips from Lifehacker. The event starts live today at 1pm so set an alarm reminder for right after lunch. 

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How-To: Livestream the U.S. Open

The two week tournament kicks off today in New York, can't make it there to watch? Lifehacker offers some steps on how-to watch from wherever you are through livestream. Here is the article for all the details. 

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Enough with Cookie Alerts already

I'm sure you are seeing the Cookie alerts everywhere. Now websites have to be forthcoming in cookies and your privacy. Good to know, but man can it be so annoying. Follow a few easy steps to get rid of them with Kill Sticky Headers from this good read. 

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How To: Switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps

Each mapping app has different features, cult followers and defining strengths. This article gives you a great step-by-step of switching from one app to the other when the situation calls for it. Technology that works for you right when you need it! 

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How do Google employees resist phishing hacks?

At KCI it is our pursuit to help our client build security awareness in every staff member. Phishing attacks target all users, therefore, all teams should have security awareness training and constant education on tactics of hackers.

Google is a very high target and yet constantly stays hack-proof. How? Actual legit 'security keys' are part of their success along with many other security measures. You can read more of their success story here.

How does your security plan for your business stack up? Contact us today if we can help you take your team to a deeper level of understanding their role in securing your company. 

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How to: Reduce your digital Security Risks

You may feel safe and not-as-appealing to hackers if you have a small business, however, research over time and data from this Tech Republic article show that 50% of hacks are targeting small business owners.

Read over some of the reasons why and preventative measures you can take here

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How-To: Lock down Your Privacy in Fitness Apps

There are lots of positive reasons to use some of the latest fitness apps, however, there are also several reasons to check your privacy settings within these apps. Lifehacker provided some great basic tips to consider:

  • Don’t use your real name (and beware logging in through Facebook, which knows your real name). Consider using a profile pic that doesn’t show your face.
  • Don’t track runs that start from your house.
  • Keep your runs private by default.
  • Hide the time of your runs, if possible, so a stalker doesn’t know when to stop by your favorite park. (Keep in mind that there’s a timestamp whenever you share a post to social media, too.)

You can read more in this helpful article and consider taking a glance at the privacy settings on any fitness apps you might be using. 

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How-To: Keep your Smart Home Secure

Smart homes can enhance your life so long as you ensure they are highly secured. Read this article from Big Think to make sure you don't find yourself in a nightmare scenario. 

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Screen Time---Apple sets up feature so you can self-impose limits

It's rare for a company to create a product and then create options for users to self-impose time limits on those items. That is precisely what Screen Time does in iOS 12, allowing the user to set self-impose time limits on apps and phone usage. 

Some may not want to know the truths of how much time they spend on their phone device. Some may be curious, but not want to set limits or have to hit the snooze when they've used up their 15 minutes on Twitter and the screen goes gray.

Maybe you stand somewhere in between curiousity and ready to live more of life off your screen, check out the interesting details in this article from CNN. 

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Technology can help with Your Health

Technology can help with your health when you setup easy reminders and healthy lifestyle notes in an app such as Aloe Bud. Aloe Bud has a free and upgraded version at $5 that allow you to give yourself healthy reminders throughout the day; drink water, move a bit, reach out to a friend and more. 

Do yourself a favor and check out this Lifehacker article to see if Aloe Bud might be a good choice for you. 

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How to: Google Lens

Looking for ways to upgrade your camera? Lifehacker has this article on how to use Google Lens in your camera app. You can connect here to read more details. 

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My Data Request: check out what Info You are putting out there

With privacy policies and security updates happening all over, consumers are becoming more aware to what data or info is being collected from them. Are you curious what companies actually know and track about you? 

My Data Request is a site allowing you to just that. You can see over 100 different companies and what data they have collected about you. Checking the site out doesn't mean that the companies will stop collecting data, but at least you will be more in the know of what info you are sharing and with whom. You can learn more by clicking here. 

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How-To: Chrome Extension to take any website into 'Dark Mode'

Dark Reader is an app that allows you to take into website into 'dark mode.' 

Why use dark mode? There are many benefits to using this app such as being easier on your eyes as well as your computer's battery life. You can learn more in this quick read and see an example of how to adjust the settings. 

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Get the Most out of your Apple AirPods

Patrick Allan

If  you've purchased Apple AirPods then you've begun to see how incredible they are. And they can do a ton! Lifehacker shared this artilce with tips on how to maximize your Pods, how to pair them with other devices, and more. Read lots of great helpful tips HERE. 

Photo: Patrick Allan Lifehacker 

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How-to: Join the 5 percent in control of their data

Protecting  your data is an important conversation going on right now. You are likely to be finding tons of emails updating you on various company's privacy policies. How many people actually spend time reading that stuff? Tech giants like Facebook and Amazon believe only about 5 percent actually update or respond to privacy update emails. 

The attached article does a great job of explaining simple steps you can take to protect your data and what privacy settings you should update. Geoffrey A. Fowler says, "On the internet, the devil's in the defaults." 

Take control of your data and don't fall into the 95 percent crowd not taking time to make small changes. You can read more tips and all the details of leaving default settings far behind you in this Washington Post article. 

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Be Aware of Mail Fishing

Hackers are now using sticky traps to quite literally "mail fish." You can read a case example of a check mailed to pay a bill that was caught and became a victim fraud story in this CNBC article.

Take precaution by learning more and practicing safe mail steps.  

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Give up the Password Formula

Often we are are offering support and tips for keeping passwords secure. When you create a password don't fall prey to the ease of a base password or password walking. You can read more about password creation and all the reasons you ought to use a password manager. 

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Has your Mac contracted mshelper?

A recent discovery of a malware infecting Macs known as mshelper. This handy article attached will help you diagnose if your computer has been infected and then steps to recover from. You can get all the helpful scoop in this Lifehacker article. 

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Take Time Off with the macOS 'Time Out' app

In a world with burn out, ever more goals and pressure for high productivity there are plenty of reasons to take regular breaks. Breaks can be defined in a variety of ways, but just stepping away from the computer is a great place to start. Lifehacker shares a great run through of the app 'Time Out' how it works, different setting options and more. Check out all the details here. Then take a time out break. 

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