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Windows 10, The changes coming in October 2018

Windows 10 has an update rolling out in October 2018. At first glance it appears that a few features are being lost or removed. However, if you look closer many features are simply being upgraded, renamed, or grouped with another feature.

You can read more about what to anticipate that you might be currently using with Windows 10 in this TechRadar news

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Are you loving all the iOS 12 changes this week?

Did Monday feel ultra-special to you with the iOS 12 update? My daughter behaved as though it was her birthday the next day when she exclaimed on Sunday evening, "Tomorrow is the day, woohoo! The new iOS 12 updates!" Funny? Odd? Or were you just as excited?

No matter your feelings about it there are some pretty neat features that dropped. Apple has added things such as Screen Time to help users limit how much time they spend on certain apps, to features such as adding clearing notifications quickly, and Do Not Disturb on a smarter level.

Gizmodo did a great article listing all the featured updates, details and how to access them. You can read more in their article linked here. 

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Have you noticed the new Google Chrome de-sync?

Chrome's latest update includes a de-sync which automatically signs you out of Gmail and every other Google service. Frustrated by this? I found it frustrating because previously it was automatically synced and I didn't have to sign in/out quite as often. A fix/hack has been found and you can find the steps to put into place in today's link to Lifehacker's article with the solution. 

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Looking for a Twitter alternative?

Are you looking for a Twitter replacement? Seems to be that many are talking about getting off the social media platform or seeking an alternative that offers quick scrolls and short blurbs. There are several similar options that may not be as well-known, but offer some Twitter-like features; from Mastodon, to Tumblr, to Amino; click here to read about the pro-cons of each platform as you consider the best option for you. 

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Looking to Grow your Business?

small business

Are you a business owner looking for the next leap in your company's growth? I just finished up a great read, by Louisville local Bennie Pollard, Small Business for the Rest of Us. Pollard shares from his own journey through adversity, triumph, goal setting, visualization and giving back to others. This book has some great 'nuts and bolts' that can be applied to any industry and calls to action for the business owner ready to make a change.

One of my favorite nuggets from the book is the admonition to think about your thinking. How many beliefs do we carry that are negative without considering their root and if there's any truth to them at all?  I took away some great notes to ask myself the next time fear, doubts or insecurities hem me in from daring to step out into what I know that I'm made for. 

Hop on over to the website for your own copy of the book and your future self will be cheering you on! 

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How To: Switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps

Each mapping app has different features, cult followers and defining strengths. This article gives you a great step-by-step of switching from one app to the other when the situation calls for it. Technology that works for you right when you need it! 

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Hooray! Updates on Your Schedule

Don't you just hate when you are in the middle of some deep work and your computer decides you should run an update? Last year the snooze option was a great feature, but things are getting better as we go.

Microsoft is introducing a "predictive model." Basically the machine learns more of your routine, when you step away for a quick call, and when you are stepping away for a few hour Netflix binge. The computer will get smarter on your terms of schedule and best to run updates, restart, etc.

You can read up on the details in this Gizmodo article. Hooray for technology on our scheduled terms! 

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Amazon is Stepping into Further Ventures

Amazon is everywhere today with Prime day sweeping over the nation to bring shoppers out in droves.

Amazon is also growing their presence with growth in the healthcare world as well as networking hardware. 

You can learn more about the acquisitions and growth plans in this Motley Fool article. 

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Could Bitcoin "bring the Internet to a halt"?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are gainly popularity due to their being decentralized, yet records are kept on a digital ledger. Theories are floating around about the potential for bitcoin to 'bring the internet to a halt.' The hype is due to the fact that all records or transactions dealing with bitcoin are kept on a ledger and if that were to include ALL records then what server could possibly hold all that data.

If you find yourself interested click on this CNN article for more theories and some of the studies being tested. 

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Enough is Enough with Bloatware

Bloatware, that was a new term for me....

"To my mind, bloatware is any piece of software within an operating system that receives a disproportionate amount of prominence or system resources relative to its functionality." describes Vlad Savov in his article for The Verge.

While the term may have been newl to my vernacular, the feeling and annoyance are not new and far too familiar.

Check out Savov's thoughts here and some ways to work against the Bloatware invading our daily. 

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A new Data Breach exposes 230 Million

Exactis was recently found out with their database sitting on a public server that was exposed. The data found didn't include socials and such, however, the company collects data such as phone numbers, home address, and more. 

You can read more about the breach in this article from Fortune by clicking here

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Want to become an Expert at Life Organization?

Mondays make you feel crazy? Feel as though you could use a little help when it comes to organizing your agenda, to-do lists, and the never ending get-a-round-to-its?

Trello is a pretty awesome organization tool that can be formatted to work for you in a ton of various ways. Curious to learn more? You can find a few "power users" testimony and examples in this Lifehacker read. 

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iOS 12 to share your Exact Location with 911 responders

Sometimes you may chose to share your location with others, but when in emergency you want those details to be as precise as possible. Apple is working on improving the shared location features to be compatible with the 911 capabilities that are mostly aligned to work with landlines. You can check out details here from CNN's article. 

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Take Time Off with the macOS 'Time Out' app

In a world with burn out, ever more goals and pressure for high productivity there are plenty of reasons to take regular breaks. Breaks can be defined in a variety of ways, but just stepping away from the computer is a great place to start. Lifehacker shares a great run through of the app 'Time Out' how it works, different setting options and more. Check out all the details here. Then take a time out break. 

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No longer signing for Credit Card purchases

Was there any security in that credit card purchase signed receipt? Apparently not.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AmEx have all announced that as of April 2018 you no longer have to sign for credit card purchases. Chip cards are meant to improve the security of credit purchases making signatures obsolete.

Having trouble wrapping your mind around this? Check out more in this article from The Motley Fool. 

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Bad Joke Wi-Fi Name leads to Evacuation

Scrolling local Wi-Fi names led to an interesting discovery at a Michigan Planet Fitness. Would you be concerned if you saw "Remote Detonator" as a Wi-Fi network name? You can read the full story in this article and the response from the police that it was simply just a bad joke. 

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Tech Innovations and the World's rising Productivity

The last 150 years have came with major technology innovations affecting the way we work and productivity levels. The attached article chronicles the Equity Gilt Study by Barnclays listing the last 150 years technology innovations and their affect on the way we work. It's mind boggling to go from the past innovations up to present cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. You can browse the list and article here at this Business Insider read. 

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Your Social Media Words Matter

Last week Louisville saw an example of how social media words truly matter. A local realtor's comments sparked a controversy that had a ripple effect throughout. You can read more about the scenario in this Louisville Business First article. 

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What if Apple dropped Intel?

The technology world could take a very different turn if Apple began to create it's own processors. What if Apple didn't need Intel any longer?

It's been rumored for some time, but this Market Watch article  shares the current relevancy. 

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"What's Facebook, " Elon Musk retorted.

The crowd leaving Facebook is now including Tesla and SpaceX led by Elon Musk. Throughout social media many are questioning the data of users harvested and backlashing with deleted accounts. Check out more of the Facebook exodus in this CNN article. 

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