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Kramer Consulting has been serving the Crestwood area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

How To: Stream Apple's Event Today


Today is the big day, Apple hosts their annual September event which will include big iphone news. You can stream the event thanks to these clever tips from Lifehacker. The event starts live today at 1pm so set an alarm reminder for right after lunch. 

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How-To: Livestream the U.S. Open

The two week tournament kicks off today in New York, can't make it there to watch? Lifehacker offers some steps on how-to watch from wherever you are through livestream. Here is the article for all the details. 

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Looking to Grow your Business?

small business

Are you a business owner looking for the next leap in your company's growth? I just finished up a great read, by Louisville local Bennie Pollard, Small Business for the Rest of Us. Pollard shares from his own journey through adversity, triumph, goal setting, visualization and giving back to others. This book has some great 'nuts and bolts' that can be applied to any industry and calls to action for the business owner ready to make a change.

One of my favorite nuggets from the book is the admonition to think about your thinking. How many beliefs do we carry that are negative without considering their root and if there's any truth to them at all?  I took away some great notes to ask myself the next time fear, doubts or insecurities hem me in from daring to step out into what I know that I'm made for. 

Hop on over to the website for your own copy of the book and your future self will be cheering you on! 

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Old Video Games? Donate them to your local Library

Are you or your kiddos all about some decompression through video games? Do  you find yourself collecting old ones in the entertainment center that you never play anymore?

What a great idea from Lifehacker to donate them to your local library. Here in Louisville we have a new Regional Library being built to serve our community in Spring of 2019, check out the Louisville Free Public Library to learn more about their donation process. 

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Happiness is Working with Great People

small happiness

Over the weekend we had our team together to reflect on some amazing company growth, chow down on some food together, watch the kids in the bounce house, and throw a few frisbees around. We are extremely blessed with the talented group of individuals that make for our incredible team at KCI. 

kiddos playing

We are also thrilled to recognize all the hard work and dedication of, Mary Anne Fitzgerald, our employee of the quarter! Way to go Mary Anne and thank you for all the long hours and the commitment to serve our clients. 

Mary Anne 2

Happiness is working with great people! 

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Hooray! Updates on Your Schedule

Don't you just hate when you are in the middle of some deep work and your computer decides you should run an update? Last year the snooze option was a great feature, but things are getting better as we go.

Microsoft is introducing a "predictive model." Basically the machine learns more of your routine, when you step away for a quick call, and when you are stepping away for a few hour Netflix binge. The computer will get smarter on your terms of schedule and best to run updates, restart, etc.

You can read up on the details in this Gizmodo article. Hooray for technology on our scheduled terms! 

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Keeping Your Electronics out of the Heat

The other day I saw fellow gym-mates with their phones in the sauna....Hmm...that doesn't seem like a good idea.

It's not good for them. Just as us humans can get overheated with too much heat and no option to cool down, so do our phones, laptops, etc.

Gizmodo shared this article about what heat does to your gadgets and best practices to protecting them this Summer. 

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What will 5G do and When is it coming?

5G is being worked on behind the scenes with mobile carriers and other businesses working on building the backend. 

What will it do anyhow?

CNN Money has a short video less than 2 minutes you can watch here defining 5G in easy terms.The video highlights some of 5G's potential to speed things up dramatically, allow for self-driving cars to communicate with each other instantly or doctors to do surgeries remotely with special gloves. All that sound pretty good right? The downside will be the cost of estimated $300Billion, getting access to all the cell towers and it's later down the road for talk in 2020. 

Here's a link to the video and pondering what the future has next for us in technology. 

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Enough is Enough with Bloatware

Bloatware, that was a new term for me....

"To my mind, bloatware is any piece of software within an operating system that receives a disproportionate amount of prominence or system resources relative to its functionality." describes Vlad Savov in his article for The Verge.

While the term may have been newl to my vernacular, the feeling and annoyance are not new and far too familiar.

Check out Savov's thoughts here and some ways to work against the Bloatware invading our daily. 

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Technology can help with Your Health

Technology can help with your health when you setup easy reminders and healthy lifestyle notes in an app such as Aloe Bud. Aloe Bud has a free and upgraded version at $5 that allow you to give yourself healthy reminders throughout the day; drink water, move a bit, reach out to a friend and more. 

Do yourself a favor and check out this Lifehacker article to see if Aloe Bud might be a good choice for you. 

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How to: Google Lens

Looking for ways to upgrade your camera? Lifehacker has this article on how to use Google Lens in your camera app. You can connect here to read more details. 

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Take Time Off with the macOS 'Time Out' app

In a world with burn out, ever more goals and pressure for high productivity there are plenty of reasons to take regular breaks. Breaks can be defined in a variety of ways, but just stepping away from the computer is a great place to start. Lifehacker shares a great run through of the app 'Time Out' how it works, different setting options and more. Check out all the details here. Then take a time out break. 

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What do you think about a digital nanny?

Amazon Echo

Photo: Amazon

Amazon Echo has a kids version that will read stories, tell jokes and interact with children in a kid-friendly fashion. You can read more in this article from Michelle Woo breaking down the curiosity and caution of what some are calling a "digital nanny." 

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How-To: Hit Snooze online

Do you find yourself finding lots of good articles to read at once? Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of learning on the internet? Too many cat videos sucking away your productive time?

Snooze Tabby is here to fix the time sucks for a more opportune moment. Snooze Tabby is a Chrome or Firefox extension and will not only save the  link for you to come back to later in the day, but pop it back up for you to view as well. Find out the details and how to install by following here. 

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"What's Facebook, " Elon Musk retorted.

The crowd leaving Facebook is now including Tesla and SpaceX led by Elon Musk. Throughout social media many are questioning the data of users harvested and backlashing with deleted accounts. Check out more of the Facebook exodus in this CNN article. 

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When an AI kills someone, Who will be Responsible?

Technology brings great innovations and great challenges. Legal minds are asking questions about future AI crime before it happens. You can find more details in this MIT Technology Review article. 

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Seeking relief from social media?

Even millienials are getting irritated with time spent on social media. Are you finding yourself needing relief from social media? Check out more in this New York Post read. 

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How To: Bookmark your Tweets for Later

Scrolling Twiiter on your lunch break? Running out of time to read all the good stuff? 

Twitter app has a Bookmarks feature to save for reading later on the couch at home. You can find the Bookmarks under your Profile Icon. Hop over to this Lifehacker article for the details

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Bedrock or High-Risk, which type of Entrepreneur are you?

Knowing your style is important in making business decisions true to your self. There are some great tidbits in this Entrepreneur article. 

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Google Chrome and the new ad-blocker

Google Chrome

Thursday the new Google Chrome rolled out with new ad-blocking on by default. Did you notice the difference? Curious how they were able to do it? You can find out the how and why from this Gizmodo article. 


Photo from Gizmodo article and Google Newsstand


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