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What is net neutrality? How might it affect your business?

Is the internet as we know it changing?

"Net neutrality means companies that comprise  the backbone of the Internet — Internet Service Providers, or ISPS — must treat all data the same. They can’t make deals with big companies to create a “fast lane,” where their data gets sent faster than other companies'. They can’t throttle a competitor’s data. Imagine if the electric company could choose to provide better electrical service to companies that paid them a hefty fee and spotty electricity to those that don’t. It would stifle competition from smaller companies and innovative entrepreneurs. That’s what the repeal of net neutrality is going to allow," quoted from this USA Today article.

When internet service providers can make choices based on size of comany, who can pay the biggest fees, and more; we start to lose neutrality and small businesses fall to the bottom ring.

You can read more about net neutrality and the decisions being made around it with this recap from Rhonda Abrams with USA Today. 


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