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Kramer Consulting has been serving the Crestwood area since 1995, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

2018 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville

Business First

Thanks again for another year to celebrate our clients, our staff and the honor of being named one of the recipients for 2018 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville. Check out the many other recognized Best Places in this article from Business First. 

Photo: Bizjournals.com

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People on the Move-----Celebrating Collin Arneson


Please join us in celebrating Collin Arneson as one of Business First People on the Move.

Collin recently earned his CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). We are proud of his recent accomplishment and grateful to have this guy in our KCI family! 

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Microsoft 365 Business available

Microsoft 365 is coming out of beta and available to small businesses. Curious about what's new or improved? Find answers in this Tech Crunch and reach out to us in order to run your business from the best software on the market. 

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Growing Business in Louisville

We are ready to meet and mingle with the other Fast 50 honorees with Business First. Congratulations to all the other Fast 50 honorees seeing growth in Louisville. We are blessed to live and serve in such a connected community that supports one another! 



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So what if the next crisis threatens the internet?

We have seen one crisis after another with the hurricane strikes to our southern communities in the U.S. Many first responders and civilians rely on cell coverage and technology; connecting them to help and news updates.

Quartz has an interesting viewpoint exploring the possiblity of the internet facing a crisis. If your curiousity is peaked you can follow more here. 

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Louisville's fastest-growing companies 2017

fast 50

We are very honored to be included as one of Louisville's  Fast 50 from Business First another year running! It is because of our diligent team, the relationships built and the community we proudly serve, that we continue to see growth year over year. 
Thank you! 


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2017 Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville

best places to work

We are thrilled and honored to celebrate our 2nd year in a row as Best Places to Work in Greater Louisville. Business First shared the honoree list June 5th, you can see the entire list here. 

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Why Blackberry stock is ripening....

Remember Blackberries? Did you love or hate them? I loved mine for as long as I could. Blackberry is seeing its name again in the news headlines and stock scaling up again too. Here's why....

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Aggressive Awareness Campaign

The Wannacry Ransomware attack has now infected some 300,000 computers according to recent reports. The U.S. and many countries are joining tech companies in what they refer to as an "Aggressive Awareness Campaign." Ensure that you are aware of what Ransomware is and protect yourself from hacks like the most recent one. 

Check out our blog post here to learn more about Ransomware and proper prevention. 

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Massive Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is unfortunately becoming more common in recent days. Recently one of the largest hacks brought havoc on companies around the world. Some 100 companies are estimated to have paid to get ransom fees though bitcoin. You can read more here.  Contact our security experts to protect yourself and your company. 

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Why it's critical to keep all your machines updated

You can protect yourself and your equipment from attacks that lead from one vulnerable machine to another vulnerable machine by keeping it up to date. Windows has a Defender Settings but needs to be updated and running the most recent version. You can read more about it in the tech article here. Call us today to ensure your machines are secure and running on the most up to date versions available. 

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How would your team handle a Phishing attack?

You may have read about the Phishing attack that a million gmail users were affected by Wednesday. (You can read the news article here. )  KCI offers training for our clients for attacks just like this. Let us know how we can support your team to prepare and prevent similar hacks. 

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Farewell Windows Vista

windows vista

Windows Vista was not Microsoft at its best. Earlier this month Microsoft announced Vista would no longer be supported. Vista was truly an evolving tool that Microsoft has improved upon in past years so there are better options now. Reach out to us if you need to upgrade to the most current and supported versions with Microsoft. You can check out more in this article from The Verge.

Photo from The Verge.  


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Another reason to love Robert Herjavec

One of my long time favorites on Shark Tank is Robert Herjavec. Herjavec's life story, perseverant spirit and passion in life are contagious. Herjavec recently was a guest at an invent-athon inspring young kids as entrepreneurs. You can read more about the event here

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International Women's Day

girl on wall street

Why is this new statue of a girl standing on Wall Street? Click here for more and Happy International Women's Day! We are grateful for a day to reflect on women making waves in the IT world and the women that help to keep KCI at the top here in Louisville! 


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What app should you use for secure chat on your phone?

With recent CIA hacks being talk of the internet many consumers are looking at the security of personal chats on their phones. You can find many apps that encrypt texts sent to only be visible to the recipient and sender. Some of the downfalls of the apps are in what information they provide to the parent company. You can check out this aricle from CNN that compares a few security apps for your phone. 

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YouTube TV is coming...

youtube tv

In recent tech news YouTube will soon be offering streaming tv without a monthly subscription. You can find that and other news at this Lifehacker article. 

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Countable: An app to keep up with Congress


Countable is a free app that allows you to have a voice and be in the know with Congress. Lifehacker produced this thorough article sharing how Countable works. Countable offers short videos explaining bills that are currently in or on the way to Congress, lets you know how representatives in your state are voting and allows you to say yea or nay. The app seems pretty user friendly and a channel for both political information and actiivty. 

Photo from Lifehacker article 

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Why doesn't Microsoft fix this major Fail?

Windows Update


Have you suffered from the inopportune times that Windoes decides to run updates on your machine without your poermission? One of the most talked about frustrations with Microsoft is running updates on your comupter and restarting without asking the user for timing. You might be in the middle of a major presentation or writing a document, doesn't matter the update will start itself. 

Here's a good read that shares the frustration and seeks Microsoft to pay attention. 

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The Yahoo Hack, largest in cyber history

Unless you've been under a rock, you've heard Yahoo suffered from the  largest cyber attack recently. When you hear that 1 billion accounts have been affected then you start to pause and realize how massive this breach was. Were you affected? If not, then you most likely know someone who was affected. Here's a great article that helps in breaking down what happened, what you can do about it, and tips for going forward. Cyber security is no small request and requires priority for both your personal and business computers. Be sure to follow our recent series Ransomware which is a multi-part series on security and protecting your data. 

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